Digital Marketing


There has been a constant evolution, when it comes to Digital Marketing. Marketing agencies, brand and marketing individuals has been constantly involved in activities like brand management, channel selection, social media optimization, marketing campaign, engagement of the target audience, the development of marketing campaign design and executing the same.

At present there has been a theoretical change in the whole concept behind the word “BRAND”.  It is not longer the story that the products depicts about itself. Now it is the story that the consumer depicts about the product or service. This is the place where Digital Marketing has taken an eminent role. As a consumer we are more attracted towards the current trends and technologies and every business existing around the globe feels the urge of catching up with the trend.

Over the years the traditional marketing process has undergone a face lift with emerging trends like social media, data analytics, cloud computing, mobile and search criteria. Hence digital marketing strategy places a very eminent role in taking your brand to the next level.

The Digital Marketing service from Eforce Infosystems is equipped with our excellent technological expertise along with providing importance to customization and creativity. We will help your organization become a part of digital media environ and create brand awareness. Our digital marketing service will include streamlining the process of content development along with distributing the same across various digital channels. Connecting with Eforce Infosystem will help enhancing the potential of digital media for the purpose of elevating your organizational efficiency and ROI. You will gain a sustainable competitive go head in compared to your competitors.

Our services include:

  1. SEO Services– This includes website designing, on-page optimization, off-page optimization and reputation management. On-page optimization is about structure, coding and content. Off-page optimization is about link building, social signals and reviews. The search engine optimization process involves keyword search, competitive analysis, customization of an SEO campaign, result execution and result monitoring and reporting.
  1. PPC Services – We include a variety of services when it comes to PPC services. The different kinds of PPC services are:
  • Keyword research and keyword Analysis– We will provide you the keyword database that is relevant to your business segment and product or service.
  • Setting up your organizational account– We will implement the best method to set-up an account that will have the essential feature of optimization.
  • Optimizations of landing page– We will help create the inflow of leads through optimization of the landing page.
  • Bid optimization and monitoring– Our resources will optimize the keyword bids that will gradually lead to elevated ROI.
  • Reporting– we will provide the facility of periodic reporting through our account manager.
  1. SMO Services– Our social media services includes
  • Competitive analysis
  • Development of brand specific social media eco-system
  • Campaign for enhancing the social media networking
  • Post related suggestions
  • Community evolution
  • Monitoring of your social media accounts
  • Management of brand related reviews, conversation and recommendation
  • Periodic reporting


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