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As per some of the eminent psychologists, people are regarded as an open book. People provide a glimpse of their personality and attitude by the action they perform and the channel they choose to perform these assessments. But the case is not the same for the Human resource professional who are involved in the recruitment process and selection.

Over the short time during which they interact with the prospective employees, it is not possible to know a persons personality and attitude. Hence the concept of personality and attitude test has occupied the mind of a major number of human resource professionals and many organizations. The concept of personality test is not something that could be regarded as a new concept.

The history of personality and attitude test ranges back to the 1920. During this year the armed forces have implemented this assessment for the purpose of personal selection. The Psychometric assessments related to personality and aptitude have been developed through scientific methodology. There have been implemented of theories like the Myers- Briggs type indicator, which has helped in making the assessment process more strong.

The Myers-Briggs type indicator is regarded as an introspective questionnaire developed for the purpose of self reporting. These indicators help in detecting the psychological preferences about individual concept of perceiving the world and making decisions.

The Psychometric Assessment for  Eforce Infosystem lead to the integration of a hiring approach that is supported scientifically. The benefit of this assessment lies in knowing an individual’s strength and hidden skills. You will also know about an individual area of improvement through this test. Make the personality and attitude test as a part of your recruitment process and make a whole lot of difference to the hiring process.

  1. Big Five Profile

The Big Five is the term that represents the personality model  which is related to the specification of five personality factors of our personality. There have been a tremendous amount of work done on  Big five traits by some of the most reputed psychologists. The names include WT Norman (1963), McCrae & Costa (1987), Brand & Egan (1989), LR Goldman (1990) and many more.

The five factor model that forms a part of the Psychometric Assessments from Eforce Infosystems is regarded as the benchmark for personality analysis. Through this test you will be able to known the personality trait of an individual from a very early stage. As per the psychological research conducted, the personality trait of a person remains the same throughout his or her life. This makes this assessment suitable for the recruitment process of every sector.

  1. Application
  • Recruitment- The big five profiles is equipped with characteristics that will provide you with a glimpse of the way an individual function. This is related to others and the environment they are operating in. To simplify your enrollment choices, you can characterize a competency referential particular to your association’s parts. This will empower you to discover the applicant who is the most ideal choice for the given job role.
  • Career Guidance- Experts in career guidance and instructive mentor’s place esteem for having the capacity to enhance the way they look at an individuals advantages with identity evaluations. The Big Five Profile can supplement the evaluation of word related interests by considering the overwhelming attributes that normally manage a man down one way rather than another.
  • Personal Development- The Big Five Profile is an awesome device for self-improvement. It can be utilized to both enhance mindfulness and improve the probability of expert achievement. The report gives shrewd data that will help individuals comprehend themselves in connection to their workplace in a better way.
  1. Characteristics-
  • Target Audience- Students, temporary employees, fresh graduates or an individual interested in personal development.
  • Questionnaire- 15 set of 4 statements that will be rated for a range of 1-4
  • Time Taken- Less than 10 minutes
  • Languages- English
  • Training- Certification training
  • Strengths- Management of social responsibility, Provide a structure of the person’s dominant personality trait, easily administered and easily interpreted.
  1. Dimension – Analysis based on the big five model
  • Extroversion
  • Openness
  • Conscientiousness
  • Agreeableness
  • Neuroticism
  1. Report-
  • Description of the dominant characteristics of an individual
  • Graph
  • Detailed table
  • Customized comments
  1. ETIX

Predicts counterproductive work behavior

ETIX is regarded as one of the best assessments which helps in evaluating the individuals which engage them in work behavior which is regarded to be counter productive.

Etix is among the most currently developed tools which will help you meet the most important organizational requirement that is manpower. This assessment includes six individual behaviors that could be easily related to the current workforce. Some of the traits include discrimination, lying and harassment. An analysis of  traits will help in creating a clear differentiation between an individual attitude towards others in comparison to their attitude towards themselves.

This assessment will help you recognize the rate of participation of a candidate in counter productive behavior related to their performance as well as their effort in enabling this behavior in others. As an organization, you can implement this assessment for the purpose of protecting themselves from factors like risk, development of the constructive development program along with developing a positive company culture.

Application –

  • Recruitment- ETIX provides an understanding into a hopeful’s probability of taking part in counterproductive work conduct, guaranteeing there is an arrangement between your organization’s models and their activities.

Its decidedly encircled reports and non-judgmental inquiries that will comfort your competitors, empowering a helpful exchange around hard working attitudes in the meeting stage.

As such, it permits associations to distinguish and forestall potential dangers, lessen turnover, and lower the expense of enrollment.

  • Development- The non-stigmatizing dialect of ETIX makes it ideal for representative improvement. It can empower a constructive talk of desires and conduct and, since it gauges dispositions as opposed to identity, it can likewise be utilized to review execution after some time.

Along these lines, you can diminish hazard furthermore make a climate of admiration for equity and other individuals. The measure of segregation, badgering, and tormenting in your work environment will fall, while group attachment will increase. Cultivating this positive workplace will help you to hold your best ability.


  • Target Audience- Employees and students
  • Questionnaire – 74 questions
  • Time- 10-12 minutes
  • Language- English
  • Training- Conversion training and certification


  1. Comparing self attitude and attitude towards others
  2. Mirror graphs which will help you predict the result at one look
  3. Implementation of positive framework and a language with non-stigmatizing
  4. The assessment is associated with social desirability indicator, which will help you know the extent of the amendment made to picture oneself as a better person.

Dimension- The six different dimensions include

  • Respect in regards to facts and honesty
  • Respect in regards to law and procedures
  • Respects in regards to goods and property
  • Respects in regards to commitment
  • Respect for others
  • Respect for equality

Report- The report will include

  • Score in regards to global work ethics
  • Social desirability indicator
  • Mirror graph
  • Defination and personalized comments


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