Management and Sales


This Section of psychometric Assessment is specifically designed for the resources that are working in the management or the people who are a part of the sales department.

In an organization sales and management acts as the foundation stone. The resources working in these segments require certain skills, which may not be everyones cup of tea. Eforce Infosystems provides you with assessment that will access a person’s sales and managerial potentials. These resources will help an organization for growth elevation and expansion strategies.

Being able to find the accurate fit for the required role, the organization can look forward to its growth with immense effectiveness. This will also help the company in implementing its expansion strategy in an environment entrusted with tough competition. Our assessment system will help you find sales and management resource related to the present and future employees.

There are two types of Managerial and Sales Psychometric Assessments.

  1. CTPI- R- Central test personality inventory-R is one of the most effective personality tests that has been designed and developed by our partners. This assessment will help you evaluate qualities like personality traits, values and skills. This section of the evaluation is specifically made for the employees who are a part of the managerial and supervisory position.

The minds behind the development of this assessment have specifically designed the tool for measuring 19 personality traits. The personality traits are connected to 21 primary behavioral competencies. The core audience for this assessment will be the internal managers and executives.

  1. Application-
  • Recruitment- CTPI-R encourages your enlistment procedure by recognizing those administrators who best fit your necessities. The Managerial Potential Indicator (with a size of 0 to 100) empowers a speedy derivation of an individual’s inclination for an administrative part. At that point an administration style examination empowers you to coordinate the right individual with the right sort of undertaking.
  • Internal Mobility- CTPI-R helps you set up a progression arrangement. You can spot future pioneers in your association by evaluating key identity characteristics, for example, basic leadership aptitudes, versatility, long haul vision, stress resistance, and morals.
  • Development Programs- The appraisal helps you to distinguish existing aptitudes, and the crevice between the individual’s administrative skills and the employment prerequisites, in order to characterize regions of improvement.
  1. Characteristics-
  • Target Audience- Aspiring managers, managers and executives
  • Questionnaire- 114 questions
  • Time- 25-30 minutes
  • Language- English
  • Training- Certification program

Key Features:

  • Social desirability indicator
  • Managerial potential indicator
  • Analysis of thinking and working styles
  • 21 behavioral competencies and a comparison with them
  1. Dimension
  • Cluster 1-
  1. Affiliation
  2. Assertiveness
  • Control/power
  1. Developing others
  2. Tactical
  3. Trust


  • Cluster 2-
  1. Conscientiousness
  2. Rational
  • Rule Consciousness


  • Cluster 3-
  1. Commitment
  2. Lively
  • Optimism
  1. Self-confidence
  2. Emotional stability
  3. Surpassing


  • Cluster 4:
  1. Action-oriented
  2. Adaptability
  • Experiment
  1. Visionary
  1. Report
  • Indicator related to social desirability
  • Table and graphs related to profiles and 19 personality traits
  • Personalized comments along with profile summary
  • Elaborative description of each trait
  • Comparing the candidate score with with the 21 workplace competencies
  • Candidate profiles comparison with 4 thinking and working styles
  • Comparison of the applicant profile with the company competency model


  1. Sales Profile R-

This assessment distinguishes the business capabilities and inspirations expected to succeed in the deal. And also being an imperative apparatus for enrollment, this evaluation can be utilized for preparing, interior versatility, and deals power reviews. It depends on genuine situations and is likewise the main appraisal available assessing all parts of the business procedure: understanding the needs, prospecting, pitching, getting it done, and client maintenance.

  1. Application-
  • Recruitment- Sales Profile-R offers solid data for the enlistment of your business power. Its Sales Potential Indicator will help you to shortlist applicants with a higher deal potential.

You can characterize a competency system to coordinate your necessities for a particular deals position. The appraisal likewise furnishes you with a standard competency system for various deals related parts, along these lines, giving an inside and out examination of the applicant.


  • Sales Team Audit- Sales Profile-R helps you to quantify the beat of your business group by empowering its prevailing qualities and distinguishing the territories for development. It investigations 4 diverse arrangements of abilities – Acquisition, Negotiation, Selling, and Business Development – so as to obviously characterize the particular methodologies required to enhance the proficiency of the business group.

Our specialists will likewise help you in making a competency map for your group, with the end goal of making an activity arrangement for preparing, versatility, and enlistment.

  • Career Management– Sales Profile-R is a dynamic device that can be utilized all through one’s expert life. It can be utilized to recognize preparing needs, resolve issues emerging from absence of inspiration, and even offer new difficulties to aspiring colleagues. Keeping in mind the end goal to better comprehend the hopeful’s advantage territories and guarantee a right part fit, you can coordinate the applicant’s profile with 11 predefined deals capacities.
  1. Characteristics-
  • Target Audience- Sales professionals, business development professionals and MBAs
  • Questionnaire- 83 questions related to real life scenarios
  • Time- 20 minutes
  • Language– English
  • Training– Certification
  • Strength– Indicator of sales potential


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