Language and Communication


Along with technical knowledge, it is extremely essential to possess an equivalent communication and language skills. This test will assess the language and communication skill of an individual in order to assure that they have the capability to interact with internal and external clients.

Candidates with sharpened communication skill will have superiority while interacting with people belonging to different industrial sectors. The difference could be very much felt in comparison to the ones with average or below average communication skills. It is very likely that individuals with good communication skills will be able to converse better and at the same time sustain a better interest in their respective audience. This is helpful in the development of a better contact network

It is about the cross-disciplinary skills that includes foreign language skills, excellent communication skills and exceptional general knowledge skills.

The Communication and language assessments comprise of-

  • Business English tests– In today’s business surroundings, an absence of English dialect abilities could seriously affect an individual’s employability and intensity. Business English Test permits you to equitably survey a candidates or employees capacity to comprehend and convey in English, particularly in a business circumstance. It assesses three parts of your applicant’s English: perusing cognizance, vocabulary, and linguistic use.
  1. Application-
  • Recruitment- Organizations over the world, from new companies to expansive multinationals, have received English as their dialect of business. Business English Test helps you assess a prospective applicant’s level of written English, which will be especially important if the part requests association with global partners.
  • Selection of Business School- English is the most broadly adapted second dialect across the world. More organizations, especially business colleges, offer courses in English. In this way it is vital for imminent undergraduates possess a decent level in the dialect. Our evaluation permits you to impartially shortlist competitors keeping in mind the end goal to welcome the best understudies into your school.
  • Internal Mobility- Do your resources struggle to discover words when they address universal customers in English? Business English Test can help you to address this issue by recognizing territories for development which can be utilized to characterize particular preparing programs.
  1. Characteristics-
  • Target Audience- Non- English speaker
  • Questionnaire- 60 Questions
  • Time – Around 40 minutes
  • Language- English


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