Emotional Intelligence


Presently Emotional intelligence has been linked to job performance, building professional relationship and maintains workplace consistency. Companies are evaluating the emotional intelligence of their employees and choosing the one who are able to manage their emotions as well as others.

At present the organizations across the world are stressing on evaluating the emotional abilities of its employees. This thought and attempt of organizations and the Human Resource professionals have led to an enhanced performance for the entire workplace.

The Emotional assessment consists of:

Emotional Intelligence Test –R

Emotional Intelligence, the capacity to deal with your feelings and adjust to your surroundings, is fundamental for enhancing mindfulness and making proficient progress.

Emotional Intelligence Test-R provides an accurate score of an individuals intrapersonal capabilities by evaluating 12 particular elements identified with passionate insight.

  1. Application-
  • Recruitment- Emotional Intelligence Test-R is exhorted for any competitor liable to work in a domain where interpersonal connections assume a critical part.

The evaluation results illuminate the enrollment specialist of the hopeful’s social aptitudes by uncovering their capacity to oversee feelings, propel themselves to accomplish objectives, and keep up a decent association with their group.

  • Training and Managerial Development- Emotional Intelligence Test-R can be helpful for planning, preparing programs altered to the territories in which an individual needs to progress.

Emotional Intelligence Test-R can likewise be utilized to distinguish and create administrative qualities. Candidly shrewd pioneers will probably settle on viable initiative choices and accomplish better business results. What’s more, administrators whose enthusiastic knowledge is low will endeavor to force and direct change, while supervisors with high passionate insight will have the capacity to lead the group in driving that change.

Surveying passionate insight will help you with basic leadership in regions, for example, group administration, initiative improvement, and administration move.

  1. Characteristics-
  • Target Audience- All the employees
  • Assessment Question- 79 questions
  • Time- 15 minutes
  • Language- English
  • Training- Certificate training
  • Key Features- Gives standard based EQ scores, monitoring social desirability, designing an individual’s emotional profile


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