Are you an HR professional, an Executive, or a Decision-Maker wishing to discover our Assessment tools? Try out our psychometric tests for free and see for yourself how reliable the results are. This offer is solely for Companies, Recruitment agencies, Assessment Centers, Schools/Universities, and other Institutions.


  • Professional Profile   Key Personality Traits and Job Compatibility
    • CTPI-R managerial potential and leadership assessment
    • IMMERSION  Determine Occupational Interest
    • Big Five Profile fundamental personality Traits
    • Sales Profile – R Sales Potential and Selling Skills.
    • Occupational Interest Inventory job-matching and Career interests
    • Emotional Intelligence Test  Interpersonal abilities and Emotional Quotient
    • Reasoning Test Verbal, Logical and Numerical Capabilities (IQ test)
    • ETIX Work Ethics and Counterproductive Work Behavior



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