Occupational Inventories


An analysis of a person’s occupational interest is very eminent to know the interest of professional development and career development in him or her. This assessment will help find a resource that aligns with the organizational role, activity and culture.

It is very essential to choose the right candidate who is interested in the job role. If the person lacks interest and motivation in the job profile, he or she will get frustrated. This will further result in loss of interest in the job, reduced level of performance and eventually the employee leaving the organization.

Hence, it is essential to conduct an analysis related to the individual interest of the person. This will help the organizational development as well as the professional development of the employee along with a bright career growth. This kind of analysis is very essential for the recruitment process and during the internal promotion that could be within the department or in a different department.

The occupational inventories assessment comprises of-

  1. Occupational interest inventory – Occupational Interest Inventory is intended to be utilized as a part of a wide range of professional guidance activity. It helps applicants in choosing an occupation, plan their vacation, and develop as experts in the working environment.

The assessment is depends on the RIASEC model, measures levels of enthusiasm for 12 domains and matches the applicant’s profile with a rundown of 80 occupations crosswise over different segments and fields. Along these lines, it pinpoints the most reasonable calling for them.

    The report gives a valuable examination, helping the evaluator to start a significant discourse with the applicant, comprehend their professional advantages, and match their profile with appropriate vocation choices.

  1. Applications-
  • Orientation and Mobility– Occupational interest inventory can be a perspective for the career guidance channel, helping applicants to settle on educated choices about their profession. For those considering a profession move, it gives great knowledge into their employment inclinations.

The joined methodology of RIASEC profiles opens the field of conceivable outcomes to a more profound investigation of an individual’s aspiration by selecting occupations that adjust to their identity.

  • Skill Assessments and Training Course- Occupational interest inventory encourages a discourse between the individual and the assessor. Starting such, is an imperative device for abilities appraisals and trainings. For instructional classes, it can help mentors to enhance resource by distinguishing people’s learning styles and nature most helpful for their improvement.
  • Recruitment– At the point when consolidated with an identity poll, Occupational Interest Inventory can be an indispensable piece of your enrollment procedure. Through an appraisal of interests and expert desires, spotters can allocate the positions and obligations that would be most empowering and remunerating for workers.
  1. Immersion- Immersion is a present day appraisal assessing profession interests through an improved genuine diversion approach. It is intended to depict genuine circumstances, while remaining a thorough psychometric device.

Concentrated on an individual’s inclination, the survey raises particular circumstances that are prone to experience in an association. The six domain outlined by the RIASEC model measure people’s interests and values, potential aptitudes, learning styles, and favored workplaces.

  1. Application-
  • Career guidance and counselling– Immersion can be utilized as a facilitative device for providing career advice for undergraduates, particularly those in expert courses. By setting them in a certifiable work situation, provides them a chance to investigate the sort of assignments and exercises they might want to do. Immersion likewise coordinates the applicant’s profile with a rundown of occupations, which can be utilized as a kind of perspective point for investigating opportunities.
  • Career development and internal mobility– Immersion highlights an individuals self-awareness and gives a more profound comprehension of their interests and qualities in an organization. It directs an individual’s career related decisions by coordinating their interests and identification with different occupation profiles. From an interior portability point of view, Immersion can encourage individuals’ improvement inside an organization and empower the individuals who are searching for development and change.
  • Recruitment and Training-Along with personality and aptitude assessment, Immersion can be a helpful tool for the enlistment of any position. It helps you to comprehend an applicant’s interest towards particular task and to recognize a man’s advantage level for a particular part. The assessment forms a very important part, when it comes to training. It forms an accurate foundation for building a constructive dialogue with the employees within an organization. In addition to this the assessment can help you bring enhancement in the training process through identification of the learning style of the trainees and the preferred learning environment with them.
  1. Characteristics-
  • Target Audience- Students, interns, professionals and trainees
  • Questionnaires- 50 Questions based on real-life scenarios
  • Time Required- Around 15 minutes
  • Language – English
  • Training- Certification
  • Key Features-
  • An Intuitive survey that kills the effect of weariness and fatigue
  • Applicants combined RIASEC profile
  • Comparing of the applicants profiles with around 80 job categories
  • The assessment is developed through Thurstonian IRT. It is considered to be one of the most advanced techniques in Psychometric.


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